De zelfmoord van Amanda Todd

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ZelfmoordAmanda Todd was een Canadees meisje die wel eens achter de webcam kroop om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten. Tijdens één van die webcam sessies liet ze haar tieten zien aan een jongen. Een jaar later benaderde die jongen haar op Facebook en zei dat ze een showtje voor hem moest doen, want anders zou hij foto’s van haar borsten naar iedereen versturen. Wat er daarna gebeurde kun je in het filmpje zien. Amanda is nu dood. Ze pleegde gisteren zelfmoord door zichzelf op te hangen. Deze video zette ze online voor ze zelfmoord pleegde.. Heftig.

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15 Responses to De zelfmoord van Amanda Todd

  1. Jerremy says:

    It is sad to see that a message like this receives persons who would be willing to help her, even just via chats or something. I sincerely hope that she is getting the peace in her mind that she deserved, and honestly every other person deserves.

    Of course I am not involved in this situation and I don’t know how things went. People can be blamed, the society can be blamed, but what matters is that the value of a life has been demolished and that it’s something where everybody involved and who heard about this should think about.

    Think twice and realize that what you don’t want to get by yourself, you shouldn’t give it to others. Pain is just relative, but the feeling of constant loneliness is beyond relative and relatives. Just one friendly, caring sentence a month to people who need it, strangers or not, will help people and can save lives.

    She is getting care and positive attention from people now..

    Her name is Amanda Todd…

    May she be peaceful minded survive in that where she now may be.

    Her name is Amanda Todd..

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  3. FeeX says:

    There are really stupid people out there thinking they are great to bully someone else.
    These people see themself as a hero, but they have no brains, only the need to destroy others.
    They are the true morrons, and the people who support them are also morrons.

    No mercy with morrons..
    They think they are heroes, but have no balls.
    They are really Cowards!!

  4. ben says:

    No good to jong and hot i am want to kill the bully rip amanda

  5. ben says:

    I am hoop de bullys killd by cancer

  6. Paul says:

    I hope they get the guy what started this, hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life.
    Hope his life will be destroid just as he did Amanda

  7. ben says:

    I am hoop bully get no good live no work no noting no girl no kids and killd stupid son of a whoer

  8. mister m says:

    give me the guys adress i personal going to fucking kill him!

    you motherfucker ! thinking bulling is cool and oke ..if i ever get your adress i buy a plane ticket to where you are and torture you voor many days.

    peace of shit!

    amanda todd R.I.P girl!

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  11. Me says:

    I dont wan That the bullyed Guy died bud i dont mind of hè realise wat he has don end that hè wil feel the same as Amanda Its stupid just for sex ,think for you do somthing

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  13. Rosse Cuyvers says:


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